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Supertrans-Prototype   Supertrans
The Supertrans 2000, as a "Concept Chair" demonstrates the future of luxurious electric wheelchairs. It was developed from design sketches through to the operable prototype for the Otto Bock Orthopädische Industrie GmbH company, a leading supplier of orthopaedic and rehabilitation systems worldwide.
Particular attention was paid to the situation of restricted mobility. The design process thus focussed on optimum accessibility, accessible operating controls within arm's reach and practical storage options for personal effects.
The innovative "wings" - a novel design of the armrests - contain components which are still not yet the norm for wheelchairs today. A bright halogen lighting system, a Windows CE minicomputer with integrated mobile phone, Internet access and hands-free facility, storage compartments for keys, a hi-fi system with CD changer, a GPS system, a chilled drinks holder and an IR remote control for controlling doors, lifts and TV sets. The "rucksack" can be folded out to provide an additional seating area.
Supertrans-Design study
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