Drive trains  
Characteristics HyCar in the traffic
Speed: 120 km/h
Range: approx. 360 km
curb weight: 1160 kg
Fuel cell system: 5 kW at > 40% efficiency
Tank: 80 kWh hydrogen
Battery: 23 kWh NaNiCl
Engine: 35 kW asynchronous with 90 Nm
Transmission ratio: 10:1
The entire vehicle is constructed fully of fibre composite materials. The ESS lightweight suspension system (ESORO Suspension System), developed and patented by ESORO, with transversal leaf springs serves as the suspension.
The HyCar is designed as a technology prototype and will thus never be produced on a series scale. However, it does prove that it is possible to get from one place to another, comfortably and reliably, with a fuel cell vehicle.

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