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Concept vehicles-advantige R one

Road feel, like on a motorbike, but without dragging footrests and with a normal car driving license: the Advantige Rone is a fully-fledged sports car with the road feel of a motorbike. The driver of the one-seater sits centrally in the cockpit which tilts with centrifugal force in curves and thus provides a novel road feel. The seat position can be raised by around 30 cm in order to provide the driver with clear visibility in built-up areas in the vehicle which has a height of only 97 cm. The Rone can be operated with biogas, which means that the driver can experience the thrill of the vehicle and not pollute the environment with CO2. The Rone was developed by ESORO, in its capacity as prime contractor, for Rinspeed Design and was presented at the 71st Geneva Motor Show in 2001. A Lotus Elise was used as the basic chassis but what makes the Advantige Rone so unmistakable is the fact that it was engineered by ESORO.
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