Concept vehicles-Presto

"Smart" or limousine? - Both! On the Presto, drivers do not choose what vehicle they wish to drive until they get in the vehicle. The driver determines the vehicle type - a manoeuvrable two-seater, a spacious four-seater or a practical pick-up - at the press of a button. The entire vehicle then expands or contracts by 746 mm. A few seconds later, the mechanism locks the vehicle reliably in both positions and the thrill of driving can begin - as "Smart" or as a "Limo", but always with natural gas!
ESORO developed the Presto on the basis of the Mercedes A-Class for Rinspeed Design for the 72nd Geneva Motor Show 2002.
ESORO, in its capacity as prime contractor, and its partners were responsible for the overall project - from the initial design sketches through to the ready-to-drive, homologated prototype.
Presto 4 seats
Presto 2 seats