New Production Processes  
Design freedom
In the E-LFT process, the EF strip can be inserted in load-orientated manner and adapted to the component design. It is thus possible to position the EF strips in virtually any form. This process characteristic makes it possible to match the reinforcements (EF) optimally to the forces occurring. One central aspect is multiple insertion of EF strips. Since the components frequently feature more than two points of force admission, it is generally necessary to fit several EF strips. The E-LFT process is the only process allowing EF strips to be inserted crossed, thus forming real braced structures.
EF Geometrie 1 EF Geometrie 2 EF Geometrie 3
Various EF cross-sections sizes are necessary depending on requirements. The existing EF system allows EF strips to be incorporated individually in relation to geometry and range of properties. Whilst the EF strips in the E-LFT component are responsible for strength, the LFT is used for shaping and function integration, besides embedding of these strips. The design freedom is very broad in this case.