Component development  
Component development - structural analyses / FEM / optimisation Strukturanalysen
ESORO makes use of numerical simulations (ANSYS) at a very early stage in the component development process.

One of our strengths is modelling the anisotropic and non-linear material and structural behaviour simply but informatively. This means that, even at the early phase in which design work is commenced, we are able to incorporate in the design process findings from analyses and simulations. This minimises the need for cost-intensive tests for optimum-strength and optimum-cost components.
Further FE calculations are conducted for detailed problems in parallel with the design process. In the case of crash-related components, we also conduct explicit FE calculations (LS-Dyna).
ESORO specialises in analysis of plastic components and is able to offer the following calculations:

- Structural analysis
- Thermal analyses
- Non-linearities
  ¬ Geometrical (contact)
  ¬ Material (anisotropy, visco-elasticity and creepage)
- Crash

Subsequent validation of our simulation parameters by testing is one of the reasons of our strengt in the simulation field.